About the Law Office of John G. Malone
We are devoted to giving legal help so that you are in control of your life after a serious accident.

Examples of the types of cases we handle are:
Automobile accidents
Work related injuries
Slip and fall accidents causing injuries
Defective products causing injuries
Workers' compensation cases
Social Security disability cases
Medical malpractice cases

Our Fees
You do not pay a fee unless we are able to obtain a sum of money by way of settlement or award for you.

About John G. Malone, Esquire
John G. Malone, Esquire was born and raised in Philadelphia. He:
graduated from La Salle College High School in 1973. He graduated with honors from La Salle College in 1977.
attended the Delaware Law School of Widener University and graduated with honors in 1982. He was an editor of the Law Review, a published author, and Student Bar Association President.
has been licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since 1982 and has consistently concentrated on the practice of personal injury law.
is a member of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and American Associations for Justice.

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I have seen the same mistakes over and over again. Sometimes, persons injured in accidents, are taking legal advice from the insurance adjuster who represents the person who caused the accident!

I'm tired of hearing about people with serious injuries and deserving cases who never receive a dime. People need to know their legal rights. Just call us using the number on the screen and get my book free.

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